Mirra and Mirra Industries were formulated in 1994 by its C.E.O. Mr Shankar, who perceived the concept of catering to a niche segment of processing of Cold Heading Quality (CHQ) long products.
Precision Controls (trademark PRECONS) is the flagship company of the group, which has been successfully handling manufacture of capital equipments catering to various domains for more than 4 decades.
With the experience of successful commissioning of wide range of furnaces worldwide, our CEO., Mr. Shankar envisioned the idea of supply of high quality steel wires thro??a technologically innovative bell type annealing furnaces, which till date comprises the heart of Mirra and Mirra Industries.

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It caters to various Blue chip clientele including Sundaram Fasteners (all divisions), LGB, TI Group etc.
Over the last 15 years of experience, the organisation has striven towards development of many special heat cycles and innovative process methods which continually improve the overall scale of operations of the firm.
Originally on a 12 ground establishment in Ambattur Industrial estate, recently in 2006, the organisation was shifted and expanded in a sprawling 5 acre space at Vichur SIDCO Industrial Estate, New manali Town,Chennai 103.
Mirra and Mirra Industries is a quality centric ISO: 9001:2008 company, certified by BVQI (Bureav Veritas Quality International). Plans for up gradation into higher standards of quality system are on the cards. Additionally, the company has been awarded a high rank by the CRISIL Bureau of Financial Standards for the organisation�s ??High Performance Capability and High Financial Strength??
The company has aspirations to further improve its services thro??enhancement of work culture thro??innovations and strategic management, as an effort to proactively satisfy its customers and achieve international industry standards.
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